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Firefly Fiction

Summer of Mal-Content Event at firefly_fiction

About Firefly Fiction...


Join the crew of Serenity and original ships in the Firefly 'Verse. Write Solo, Shared and Group Fiction.

Summer of Mal-Content Event at firefly_fiction

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Kenshin - animated sword
Summer event – Summer of Mal-Content
Running from July 1st to September 30th
On firefly_fiction

Let’s all get together and write at least 50 ficlets making poor Malcolm miserable.

The rules –
Must be at least 100 words long
All must be new ficlets - but can be posted to other comms as well
Tag your post with – malcontent

I’ll post the group’s tally daily. You can paste this shiny button into your LJ when you have contributed to the count.
  • Can it be a fic I wrote for something else, but still qualifies? For instance, I have a Mal/Inara claim at 30_angsts - would I be able to contribute with those?
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